Learn more about the next EdTech Maker Space at our Jan. 7th Info Session!

As part of the Digital Resilience in the American Workforce (DRAW) Initiative, the EdTech Center@World Education is launching an EdTech Maker Space project in which participants will work collaboratively with adult educators across the country to continue curating and evaluating resources for inclusion in the Digital Skills Library!

All of the resources you need to learn more about this opportunity—including the intro webinar, a registration form, and the resources that will be used—can be found in this Wakelet collection. 

If you are interested in participating, please register for the information session (January 7th, 1 pm EST) and complete this interest form.

Note: A recording of the info session will be shared for those who cannot attend. 


This service-learning-based professional development opportunity includes four, two-hour synchronous group sessions (dates included in the schedule below) where educators work within high priority digital skill areas from the Seattle Digital Equity Initiative Skills Framework that were identified in the DRAW landscape scan. In these groups, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Become “Evaluators,” learning to evaluate resources in the Digital Skills Library for:
    • Degree of alignment
      Does the resource partially or completely align with the target skill?
    • Coverage of the skill
      Does the collection of resources in the library include explicit instruction? Practice activities? Different modes of learning? 
  • Become “Treasure Hunters,” exploring & aligning NEW resources through Treasure Hunt activities
  • Continue Treasure Hunting
    • Continue the treasure hunt, submitting new OER finds via a submission form
    • Working toward the goal of 1,500 new resources being added to the Digital Skill Library 

We are also seeking bilingual participants to help us align digital skills resources in other languages. 

The EdTech Maker Space is a great opportunity to learn new skills while being part of a group that generates meaningful content for others to reuse and build upon, such as the Marshall Leveled Reading Program, which was built by 44 educators in just 10 weeks. I hope you will consider joining this engaging, collaborative PD opportunity and will share this information with your friends and colleagues in adult education!