Books, Videos, Films and TED Talks that Inspire Teachers


Nine years ago I created the Books and Films which Inspire Teachers page of the Adult Literacy Education (ALE) Wiki. The lists of books, films, made-for-TV movies, Internet Videos, and TED Talks contributed to by adult education teachers are impressive, but never complete, as there are inspiring new ones made each year.

Please take a look at these lists. If there are inspiring but missing books, films, TED Talks, Internet Videos or TV movies, please add them, or email me your suggestions to add for you.

If you are not registered to edit the ALE Wiki, email me to request a code. This is necessary to prevent spam. If you are registered, you will find simple instructions on the web page for how to add new text. Since it’s a wiki, you can do this yourself; if you are afraid you will make a mistake or mess something up, don’t worry, another “Wikiteer” or I can always easily fix it.

If you would like to recommend, comment on, or discuss an inspiring book, film, TV movie or TED Talk, please reply here.

David J. Rosen

Moderator, Program Management, and Technology and Learning CoPs