COABE's new App is "APP-solutely APP-dictive!

Dear Professional Development Colleagues,

I said that I would share COABE's latest developments for improving professional development opportunities through COABE conferences. It seems that one of the biggest raves may be COABE's new App launched just yesterday (Friday afternoon). Conference goers can now access virtually anything related to conference via the App. What they can't do will quite likely roll out next year in Denver for COABE 2015. From creating personalized schedules, earning "digital badges" that allow you to demonstrate completion of tasks or activities (and become eligible to win a free IPad!), to experiencing the Leaderboard... well, you just have to try it for yourself. Five badges are available: strategic planning, events, workshops, VIP vendors, and sponsors. Workshop badges can lead to Continuing Education Units (for the first time ever) with thanks to Bob Hughes and his team at Seattle University. I'll write more about that in a follow up post. Participants interact in Activity and Photo Feeds.

The App will continue to be accessible and used by COABE after conference. Here are 10 reasons Nell Eckersley and I thought that COABE participants would want to use the App. Do you agree with these reasons? What would you add to this list or change?

  1. Create your own agenda of sessions and events you want to attend. Get a 10 minute reminder when your session is about to start.
  2. Use the built-in “QR code” scanner to “check in” at sessions, events, strategic planning focus groups, and VIP vendors and sponsors. Work your way up the “Leaderboard” and be eligible to win a free IPad in a COABE raffle.
  3. Locate exhibitors and VIP vendors, check in, and “rate and review” their booths.
  4. Connect with others through the “Activity Feed”. Post to your social media feeds straight from the App.
  5. Take and share conference photos from sessions and events with all App users.
  6. Read more about keynote speakers.
  7. Access maps of the hotel and convention center in the palm of your hand.
  8. Get announcements of changes and updates in real-time.
  9. Experience the joy of the Leaderboard.
  10. Submit workshop evaluations quickly from your digital device and avoid paper hassle.

To access the App, visit: .

I look forward to hearing what you think.

Jackie Taylor