Declining Enrollment in Adult Ed: The Role of Professional Development


COABE and the National Association of State Directors of Adult Educators are launching their campaign toolkit for adult educators with "proactive tools to communicate the value of adult education and how they can support adult learners during the COVID-19 pandemic." 

More information about this initiave will be shared in this discussion thread, but I wanted to also open a discussion about the role of professional development in adult education. 

1) Are you providing PD on effective communication streams in AE? If so, please consider sharing your models, objectives, and strategies. 

2) Also, if you are seeing declining enrollment in contrast to rising unemployment, how are you addressing that issue?

I'm looking forward to your ideas and insight. 

Kathy Tracey




If you haven't had a chance to view the COABE webinar on their recent initiatives to assist in recruiting new learners, I encourage you to check out the resources with the #MoveAheadWithAdultEd campaign. 

My key takeaways from their webinar included: 

  • We need to look through a new engagement lens.
  • The demand for services is steady
  • We need to evolve in or communication strategies 
    • Articulate the challenges for participation
    • Integrate a call to action in the communication
    • Detail the benefit of participation. 

I hope you have a chance to view the webinar. Share any thoughts, tips, and ideas. 

Thank you, 

Kathy Tracey