GED Statistical Report?

Hi all,

New York State just switched to the GED exam from the TASC. I've been trying with no luck to find recent statistics on GED pass rates nationwide. The TASC and Hi-SET have published statistical reports once in a while, but the most recent statistical report I can find for the GED is from 2009. Does anyone know of more recent data?

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Hi Eric!

I don't have data to share with you, but instead, a thought about the value of the data - depending on what you're doing with it. My state requires passing GED Ready scores before students are allowed to register to test for the official test. I'm sure this leads to a higher percentage of students who sit for a test who pass. I don't know how prevalent this practice is.


Hi Connie,

That's a great point. According to, the national pass rate in 2018 was 80%, but as you said this doesn't account for the fact that students in many states have to pass a readiness test to take the exam. Since that's the case, a pass rate close 100% wouldn't be surprising, or meaningful. In New York State, a passing readiness score hasn't been required to take the HSE exam, which partially accounts for the fact that we have some of the lowest HSE pass rates in the country. Apples and oranges...

I'm going to give up on this line of inquiry.

Thank you!