ICYMI: March Reflections

Hi all,
We are wrapping up another month - and Spring is right around the corner. I wanted to take a minute to provide an overview of our month. We welcomed six new members to our community and had a wide range of discussions:

We explored The Social Constructs of the Baby Boomer, The Millennial, and the Gen-X’ers Do millennials truly learn differently than baby boomers? We talked more about this topic with Are Colleges Ready for Generation Z. If the idea of Gen X'ers, Post Millenials, and Millennials is defined by societal events that are shifting, and are loosely defined, should this define our teaching strategies?  Or, are these differences reflect generational diversity and we adapt instruction to be inclusive?  

Bringing in current events, we also discussed how we prepare our learners for postsecondary education with the competitive nature of admissions in Meritocracy: How should be prepare our students for postsecondary education? How do we provide the opportunities for our families to experience these types of support and enrichment programs help both academically and with social / emotional skills such self-confidence and comfort in new experiences? 

We looked at issues related to Teacher Retention and Asset-based instruction

Which topics were most relevant to your experiences? 

Kathy Tracey