No more resource lists, please! Curating resources for your students or colleagues

Hello Professional Development colleague,

Have you been bombarded with lists of online resources? Have you, with the best intentions, bombarded colleagues with them? Have you felt the frustration of their potential usefulness but not had the time to go through them to find the gems that could be useful to you or to your colleagues? If so, you might be interested in this World Education Ed Tech Center blog by our colleague Ashly Winkle, Riding the Wakelet Wave Into Adult Education.

In this short article, Ashly offers a way to use the free digital curation tool, Wakelet, to improve how you can share a list of good learning resources or tools, to make it especially helpful to your colleagues.

Would you like to try turning a list of resources into your own curated, annotated Wakelet of resources for your colleagues? Have you already done this? If so, let us know what doing that was like: easy to learn but fairly time-consuming to make; worth the time because colleagues then know the power, value and difficulty of learning to use each resource;  not very useful; something else? Also, if you can, please share your Wakelet web address here, with a short description of who you intended it for and what the subject matter, content area, or topic is.

I have also posted a variation of this in the Integrating Technology group. You are welcome to respond in either group.


David J. Rosen, Moderator

LINCS CoP Integrating Technology group