PD at the 2014 COABE / PAACE Conference

Dear Professional Development and Technology Colleagues,

For many years, we have shared our plans for upcoming conferences in our group, in particular, COABE. Doing so provides us a unique opportunity to network, set goals, learn from one another, and share what we’ve learned so that we can extend the learning beyond the brick-and-mortar of conference walls.

Beginning this week, I will share with you some * new * professional development-related activities that COABE has planned for you for the 2014 COABE/PAACE Conference.

I invite you to do the same -- what do you plan to either present or attend at COABE?

What are the burning questions you have that you’d like to have answered at COABE?

Here’s the link to the presentation schedule.

And here is the link to the overall conference schedule.

Are you on Twitter? Follow the conference conversations at #coabe14. Last year we archived nearly 1500 tweets using the COABE Twitter hashtag. How many more tweets can we create this year?

Looking forward,

Jackie, Subject Matter Expert

Evidence-based Professional Development


Thanks for this reminder, Jackie. Folks should check that their sessions are all listed on this schedule. I know they missed one of mine on civics on Tuesday at 3:45.

See you there,


Hi Andy,

Thanks for your reply. Would you please tell us about your session so that we have your information to plug into our individual plans for attending sessions at conference?

Others, what are you presenting or what do you plan on attending?


Jackie Taylor

Hi Jackie,

Can't remember the title, but it's about what civic engagement means and requires in this day and age, and what we've learned from other efforts (focused on self-efficacy, immigrant integration, etc.) that can inform what we do now in EL/Civics.