PD for literacy and numeracy teachers who work with adults on the autism spectrum

I am trying to help an organization that serves adults who are on the autism spectrum. I was wondering if anyone knows of PD resources for their teachers who are trying to help teach their students reading, writing, numeracy and/or high school equivalency skills.


Daphne Greenberg

Georgia State University


Thank you for your inquiry, Daphne. If you click on Community in the top blue bar and search autism PD, you'll find some discussion threads that may be helpful. Additionally, if you click on Resource Collection and search autism, you'll find a list of resources that may have leads to potential PD for teachers who work with adults on the autism spectrum.

Community search: Autism PD

Resource Collection search: Autism



Autism Q&A: Using a Task Analysis for Instruction


Intellectual and/or Developmental Disabilities



Thanks for your reply! Most of the resources that I am finding are either generic, or are helpful for adult literacy/numeracy teachers who are not familiar with the needs of adults on the autism spectrum. The organization that I am trying to help has staff who are experts in interacting with individuals who are on the autism spectrum. However, they do not have expertise in knowing where to find evidence-based (or as close to evidence based as possible) reading, writing, numeracy, hse materials (including software) that would be helpful to use with individuals on the autism spectrum.