Preparing Educators for Integrating Social Emotional Learning in the Classroom

Hi all, 

We have often discussed the importance of social and emotional intelligence but I want to look at how we prepare our teachers and support staff to create the environment that provides both academic and SEL growth. 

I invite you to review the Social and Emotional Learning Coaching Toolkit  developed by the American Institute for Research. While this is designed for a more traditional K-12 environment, I believe many of the strategies are applicable for adult education. 

The menu of coaching activities include: 

  • Providing resources
  • Delivering differentiated professional development through study groups and lesson studies
  • Work with teacher teams

What do you think about these strategies? How applicable are they for adult education? And how do you prepare your teachers to address SEL? and if your an instructor, what professional development do you need? 

I'm looking forward to hearing your thoughts. 

Kathy Tracey