Sign Up Genius in Adult Education?


At a recent statewide professional development training, practitioners were sharing the tech tools that are being use in their program. One program administrator shared how they use Sign Up Genius to schedule students for orientation and onboarding, assessment testing, and other appointments. 

I've used Sign Up Genius for many community events outside of work. It's a resource that allows individuals to sign up for events and the system sends out automatic email reminders. While I thought that was a pretty creative resource, I'd like to open a discussion about vetting technology resources. 

  • Is there a process or rubric you use to evaluate a web-based resources such as Remind, Sign Up Genius, or Google Vioce prior to sharing it with the field? 
  • With the wide variety of resources and tools, how are you keeping up?

I'd love to hear your thoughts. 
Kathy Tracey


My director is getting a booking thing going for my tutoring sessions.   

The Illinois Digital Learning Lab Launch is this friday and one of the sessions will be about developing asynchronous routines, and I wonder if these apps will be included.   

I wonder if it could be set up so that you could schedule a daily math practice ... 

Used this application to schedule a very controlled CASAS testing schedule, limiting the number of participants. Students got reminders the day before the test.  Was able to download report to provide to security (due to COVID students need to check in with security). Will use again in upcoming months.