Beginning March 7th: Follow-up Discussion: How are You Ensuring Accessibility in the Classroom?

Professional Development Discussion


Some of you had the distinct pleasure of participating in the recent LINCS PD CoP group's live Zoom event on January 25, 2022, with Dahlia Shaewitz, LINCS Trainer, titled: Inclusion for All Adult Learners: Ensuring Accessibility for Adult Education Training and Materials. This engaging and interactive session used Jamboard to brainstorm 1) where AE classrooms and programs are doing inclusion well and where they can improve, and 2) strategies on how to address disability inclusion in classrooms and programs.

Starting March 7, PD CoP will be hosting an asynchronous discussion. For those who participated in the live session you may want to share what you've put into action since the event. All may want to share accessibility efforts in four categories of accessibility discussed during the live session: physical, communications, programmatic, and information.

We’ll post more questions and ideas this coming weekend’s conclusion. Join in! We’d love to hear from you!