Creating a Learning Community for Adults with Disabilities

This article, from Disability Scoop, presents plans for a former Florida prison to be turned into a community for adults with Autism, and other disabilities.

The intention of the founders, parents of two children with Autism, is "creating a community where adults with special needs can live independently and receive training for local jobs."  The non-profit group, Bigger Dreams, Inc.'s website goes into more detail on the long-term planning of the community.

"Our compound will also have a section that will include a retirement village. This village will include parents of residents. Folks who wish to live close to their adult children, but not with them. The retirement community will be people, like us, who are still vital members of society, and will spend some of their retirement hours working with the residents."  Read more here:

I'm curious what you think about this idea, and using a former prison as the foundation of this community?  Outside of this example, do you know of other communities structured like this one?  What are some of the challenges you foresee?  Does this idea present some real opportunities for educating adults with disabilities across the lifespan?