Happy New Year! We need your suggestions!

HI. Happy New Year and welcome to 2022. Over the course of the past few months we have continued to deal with the challenges of COVID19 and our students, educators, and administrators have been reaching out for suggestions, advice, and ideas for how they can continue to serve those men and women both behind and beyond our prison walls. 

If you are have pivoted, are doing something innovative, or have some suggestions that could support your fellow educators, please take a few minutes to share. 


Jeff A


Thanks to everyone that joined us today for a look back at 2021 and a look ahead at 2022. We are off to a wonderful and productive year. As promised here are some of the resources that we discussed today.

"Freedom to Achieve: Pathways and Practices for Economic Advancement After Incarceration"


August 2021


"Laying the Groundwork for Education"

The Council of State Governments Justice Center

February 2020


"Conducting Prison Research with a Racial Equity Frame"

Justice Policy Center

January 2021


"Recidivism Rates: What You Need to Know"

Council on Criminal Justice

September 2021


"Integrated Education and Training Design Toolkit"

IMPAQ International, Maher and Maher, Safal Partners

October 2021


"Getting Talent Back to Work Certification"

Society for Human Rights Management

December 2020

If you  have a topic or suggestions for a LINCS program this year in the Correctional & Reentry Education Community of Practice, please feel free to let me know.


Jeff A