ICYMI: July Reflections


During July, we shared resources and information related to both financial empowerment and workforce development.

Laura Rasmussen Foster shared information about a webinar on the workforce needs of justice-involved individuals. After the webinar, they shared resources on the Young Adult Diversion Program, Juvenile Justice Reentry Education Programs, the Improved Reentry Education Project, and the Second Chance Pell Experimental Sites Initiative. Following this, Michelle Tolbert also shared the resources presented during the webinar. The list is quite extensive, so I encourage you to check it out. Which resources are most relevant to your world?

The moderator for the Program Management and Integrating Technology communities, David Rosen, began a discussion on research. Posing the question, Does research evidence affect policy and practice, to multiple groups, he has facilitated a rich discussion. How do you use research and what is the difference between conventional wisdom and data driven, empirical research? I invite you to chime in.

Community member Muser Mary Griffin shard information about the financial empowerment toolkit, training and technical assistance opportunity. She shares information on how to apply for the Your Money, Your Goals 2020 cohort. Have you seen this? How do you address financial literacy in your instruction?

I hope you found this month’s discussions meaningful.

Kathy Tracey