ICYMI: June Reflections


June was a busy month with a diverse range of topics in our discussions. We started with a discussion on re-entry and focused on how to Get Talent Back to Work. The toolkit provided strategies to connect employers and individuals leading to sustainable employment. Did you check it out? What did you think?

David Rosen started the discussion, “Technology is Helping Prison Educating Programs Scale: What’s the Catch? What type of technology do you use in your facilities? What are your barriers?

We explored the projected shortfall in the number of American workers available to fill jobs that require a postsecondary degree credential. What credentials do you offer? What would you like to offer? 

We wrapped up the month with a discussion on culturally proficient teachers in the corrections classroom. Do you provide professional development related to cultural proficiency?

Which discussion resonated with you? What were your take-aways for the month?

I look forward to our continued discussions. 

Kathy Tracey