The Potential and Value of Using Digital Badges for Adult Learners

Hello Members,

The LINCS Resource Center recently added this wonderful report about the efficacy of Digital Badges for adult learners.  I think there is great value in using digital badges in a corrections setting as they usually require less classroom time than a degree or even a certificate, and they are more specifically focused for employment in a particular job or field, which is great for incarcerated learners looking to successfully reenter their community.

The report examines the nature, value, and potential impact of digital badges, an emerging electronic form of recognition of an individual’s knowledge and skills. Of course the level of technology and access that your classroom has will greatly influence whether, and how, you might potentially employ digital badges in a secure classroom, but it would be great to hear if any of you are currently using Digital Badges for student resumes and/or skill building in your facilities.

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