Questions about workforce development for justice-involved individuals

Please join tomorrow's (7/16) webinar, Workforce Needs of Justice-Involved Individuals, at 1pm ET to learn about resources and lessons learned from four correctional education initiatives that support justice-involved individuals throughout the education and corrections systems. You can access webinar details here:

In the meantime, please post any questions about the topic that you'd like for the webinar presenters to discuss. How are you providing workforce development services to justice-involved individuals? What challenges do you face? 

We look forward to discussing these questions with you tomorrow during the webinar and in this group afterwards. 


Looking for resources to support education and training services throughout the justice system? During yesterday's webinar, resources from four initiatives were highlighted: 

  1. Young Adult Diversion Program
  2. Juvenile Justice Reentry Education Program
  3. The Improved Reentry Education Project
  4. The Second Chance Pell Experimental Sites Initiative

Even if you didn't attend the webinar, we'd love to hear your thoughts. Please post below! 

Which of the resources featured in the webinar are most applicable to your work? Why? What other resources have you found helpful in your work? How does your program meet the needs of justice-involved individuals?

And, below is the list of resources shared at the end of the presentation. Please let us know if you've used these resources and, if so, how they helped your with your work. Please also share other resources you've found helpful.


Hi all, 
I encourage you to follow the Minds That Move Us Challenge. One of the teams is led by Jeff Abramowitz, the Executive Director of Reentry Services for JEVS Human Services in Philadelphia. They utilize a majority of these best practices and can be an example of how to merge research with best practices. Their initiative in the Minds That Move Us initiative is focused on aiding justice involved individuals move from education inside facilities to career opportunities outside. 

I'd love to hear how you are blending research to practice and what questions you have for the presenters and colleagues. 

Kathy Tracey