Re-entry support for employment --especially for people who are disabled

Hello all!

We at Social Policy Research Associates are collecting effective inclusive employment and training-related policies and practices that support people who are re-entering the labor market after incarceration.  Given that so many people who are incarcerated have a disability, we are specifically interested in finding out strategies that are inclusive of, or geared toward, their needs.  Kindly share promising programs, local and state level policies, and any resources.

Thank you!


Kris Palmer

Social Policy Research Associates

Oakland, CA


Hi. The Pathways to Prosperity Program launched pre-COVID to support men and women with disabilities that struggle to navigate their past. The program run by JEVS Human Services is based in a homeless shelter and works to provide behavioral health supports with intensive wrap around services to help individuals succeed. This project was part of the Minds That Move Us Competition sponsored by IEL two years ago. I would be happy to share more if there is any interest.

Jeff A