Reading on the Inside: Family Literacy in Corrections

November is Family Literacy Month and I wanted to open a discussion about how we can integrate family literacy programming in our facilities. While this article, Reading on the Inside is from 2014, I wanted to open a discussion about Family Literacy ideas that are applicable in 2020. 

  • What opportunities are available for parents to read to their children? 
  • How do you prepare parents for reading books to their children? 

I'd love to hear some examples of how you may have integrated Family Literacy and programs modeled after Reading from the Inside into your classroom. 

Kathy Tracey


I am an academic teacher and I am not sure about other states with their state facilities but we have not had visitation in months.  I transferred to this facility, rather small, low security for women, at the beginning of the year and did not take responsibility of our library until we went on the total lockdown at the beginning.  We have only just begun reactivating library serves and it is on a small basis by request.  It is my understanding that there were children's books in the visitation room.  I really do not know much about it.  I have on my agenda to investigate this further whenever visitation starts back up.

I am curious if other states have children's book available for visitation and if there is an attempt to use them for family literacy initiative.  I would like to pursue this, once we have visitation again.  I would appreciate any input from others!

My grandughter lives across the country from me - and we haven't been able to see her since this pandemic began. She's 18 months old. We've been reading to her through zoom - for up to 10 minutes on a 'good' visit. 

Is electronic visitation still possible? If so, could these resources be made availalbe to your populations with tips and strategies on how to read a book to their child? 

I'm curious if that model might work. I'd love to hear from others. 


Kathy Tracey