As Reentry Month comes to an end, our work continues!

Hi. As Reentry Month comes to an end, our work in making adult education behind and beyond our prison walls continue. Help us to keep the ball moving forward. Jeff A



Hi Corrections Educators,

I saw this opportunity posted by the Bureau of Justice Assistance under Second Chance Act funding opportunities which could fund corrections education programs or partnerships between adult education agencies and jails and prisons. FY 2021 Second Chance Act: Adult Reentry Education, Employment, Treatment and Recovery Program has 3 categories, one of which addresses improving basic skills and academic education along with CTE, and one that encourages career planning during and after incarceration. The goal of Category 1 is to improve the academic and vocational education programs available to individuals in prisons and jails. Category 2 will fund new or improved career technical education classes and has a focus on reentry, following up and supporting returning citizens with help finding and keeping a job. I hope adult education and correctional education programs will find ways to partner on these grants and increase opportunities for people coming out of prisons and jails to find family-sustaining work and opportunities to further their education.