"Technology Is Helping Prison Education Programs Scale. What’s the Catch?"

Hello Colleagues,

This article about the use of technology in prisons points to several opportunities and challenges. If you work with computer (and possibly Internet) instructional technology in prisons does this resonate with you? Does it raise questions that interest you? Are you concerned about the issue of quality in these prison Internet-based post-secondary programs? Does it provide information that is new to you about how prisons can use Internet technology? Any other thoughts about ti? The article references a new report that you may also wish to read,Unbarring Access, "A Landscape Review of Postsecondary Education in Prison and Its Pedagogical Supports" https://sr.ithaka.org/publications/landscape-review-postsecondary-education-in-prison/  Your thoughts are welcome about either or both the article and report.

David J. Rosen, Moderator

LINCS CoP Integrating Technology group



Hi David and All, 

David, these are very good questions. In my experience, the integration of technology in education mirrors many of the same questions that 'outside' institutions struggle with as they plan and deliver technology based instruction. There are barriers which include the student's familiarity with technology, the teacher's skill and comfort with technology, and the quality assurance of online learning content.

These same questions, with an added layer of security issues, impact our corrections education. I'd love to hear from programs that use technology in their adult education program. Additionally, I am very interested in learning about programs utilizing the Second Change Pell. Do your offering of higher education and certificate programs rely on this program? How do you offer vocational education training? And with the influx of tablet devices, do you see this being a benefit to expanding educational services? 

I'm looking forward to hearing from our community members. 
Kathy Tracey