The Impact of Tutoring & Peer Mentoring in the Prison/Jail Setting


In the world of adult education with limited funding often at the doorstep, adequate teaching staff are frequently the largest impediment to a robust and meaningful program. This is especially true in the correctional setting where correctional funding is limited, and education has not been earmarked as a priority. This event will explore the benefits of a structured tutoring or mentoring program to assist students behind the walls. #reentry #education #tutoring #mentoring #justice #corrections #adulteducation #adultliteracy #mentoring


Thank you so much for hosting this event! I would like to connect soon about the Coalition of Incarcerated Tutor Advocates (CITA), which I began organizing this year due to lots of interest via the CEA, and also want to learn more about the volunteer (outside) tutor programs the others in this meeting were referencing. Happy to share more about our CRLA curriculum for peer tutoring at Larch, sharing our press coverage, etc.