Fall Numeracy Instruction Online Courses

World Education is offering two facilitated online courses this fall for numeracy instruction. Foundations of Teaching Adult Numeracy starts October 16 and Introducing Algebraic Reasoning starts October 28.

In the Foundations course, participants explore the context, content, and cognitive and affective components of numeracy, how to address the needs of students with learning gaps, how students’ styles of learning math and levels of math knowledge affect their math skills, and ways to build student’s success in learning math. Participants plan classroom activities, test them with their students, and share their experiences with fellow teachers.

In the Algebra course, participants will experiment with strategies for teaching numeric patterns, relationships, and functions based on real‐life situations. They’ll also explore strategies to help students model quantitative relationships using graphs, tables, words, and equations.

Both courses are asynchronous - no need to be online at particular times - and feature class discussion boards, assignments, and feedback from the instructor. Courses cost $189 per participant. For more details on these and other courses, or to register, go to http://elearningpd.worlded.org/  or contact me at 617-385-3740 or lpeterson@worlded.org . We hope you take this opportunity to register today!

"This course was the best PD that I have had. It related to my job and was a great learning tool for me." -From an Algebra course evaluation.