New Power in Numbers Report: How to develop successful edtech for adult education


We are excited to announce the publication of our third Power in Numbers report: From Creation to Adoption: How to Develop and Deploy Successful Edtech. This report explores the challenges and opportunities in edtech development and deployment for the adult education market. By examining the most common pathways for new edtech to enter the adult classroom, the report reveals how key process changes could increase the quality and quantity of adult edtech tools. The report proposes steps that critical stakeholders — including developers, funders, administrators, and employers — can take to improve the impact of edtech on adult learning outcomes.

See the full report.

Power in Numbers is an initiative from the Office of Career, Technical, and Adult Education to help adult learners gain the higher-level math skills they need to succeed. The report is a collaboration between the Power in Numbers team and a group of expert advisors.

We are excited to share this new report! We encourage you to post your questions and comments, as well as pass along to your networks.

— The Power in Numbers team