Online Courses: Foundations of Teaching Adult Numeracy & Number Sense

World Education E-Learning is taking registrations for two numeracy courses that will be starting in April. 

Foundations of Teaching Adult Numeracy (April 13-May 24) is the first in our 6-course numeracy series. All numeracy courses are 6 weeks long and require about 2 hours per week to complete. Courses are facilitated and scheduled but do not require you to be online at specific times in order to participate. In Foundations of Teaching Adult Numeracy, with guidance from course facilitator Amy Vickers, participants explore:

  • the context, content, and cognitive and affective components of numeracy,
  • how to address the needs of students with learning gaps,
  • how students’ styles of learning math and levels of math knowledge affect their math skills, and
  • ways to build student’s success in learning math.

Stacy Rettig of KY commented about this course:

“This has been the best PD I have ever had in my eight years with adult education. I have been able to immediately implement the strategies and ideas into my classroom. I think the Levels of Knowing Math along with the Constructivist approach have really changed the way I structure my lessons. I have used similar strategies in the past, but to have a concrete structure for each lesson, with the levels of knowing math, has really helped my students have a better foundation for each math concept I teach. I have really gained so much knowledge in the past six weeks and I am a better teacher because of this course.” 

In Number Sense: Teaching About Parts and Wholes (April 26-June 7), facilitated by Rebecca Strom, participants will learn how to:

  • teach adult students how to estimate, do mental math, and use calculators to help them to better understand how to use numbers;
  • help students distinguish between when it is necessary to have an exact answer, and when an estimate is sufficient; and
  • help students identify which tool is appropriate to use when calculation is necessary.

Sign up or learn more by clicking on the course titles. If you have any questions about these or any of our courses, please let me know.


Leah Peterson
World Education