The Path Less Completed - The New Mathways Project

View this archived webinar from Inside Higher Ed describing how the New Mathways Project seeks to decrease the time students spend in developmental education math courses while increasing their success in for-credit math courses: 

Webinar Description 

“Developmental math is a burial ground for the aspirations of myriad students.” These are ominous words from Dr. Uri Treisman, Founder and Executive Director of the Charles A. Dana Center at the University of Texas at Austin. With 67% of community college students being referred to one or more developmental math courses, it’s certainly a road well-traveled. But it’s a path rarely completed. The Dana Center’s New Mathways Project (NMP) seeks to improve student success and completion by aligning math pathways to fields of study to dramatically shorten the time it takes for students to earn college credit and provide opportunities for students to learn mathematics that is rigorous and relevant to their lives and future careers. The NMP model is being implemented in colleges across Texas, and the Dana Center is supporting similar work in Arkansas, Colorado, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, Ohio, Oklahoma and Washington. Don't miss this engaging session featuring, Amy Getz, Strategic Implementation Lead at the Charles Dana Center at the University of Texas at Austin where she will share:

  • The impact that this pioneering redesign model is making on students
  • Best practices and lessons they have learned along the way
  • Recommendations for institutions embarking on their own redesign journeys