COABE 2021

Hello all,

I know not all of us got to attend COABE - so let's share some of the memorable things we learned or that challenged our thinking here.  Let's share our experience with everyone!



I learned how to connect mathematics and art to learning math!  I enjoyed thinking about the counts and the way things sound in terms of a ratio.  I liked playing with the song maker tool.  Perhaps, it can be shared?


I don't play any instruments and so in the music session I really felt like my adult learners must feel without background knowledge. I know halves and thirds can only mix as sixths, but because I didn't see one beat I couldn't figure out why in music they showed up as fifths. It didn't make any sense at all to me, but without the background knowledge to be certain I had just misread the mathematical representation of the beats, I started to assume that everything I knew about numbers was wrong ~ or different when it came to music. Such an "aha" moment for how our students feel when we assume they have background knowledge of what we are teaching and a reminder to make sure to pre-teach and to teach math in the context of the student's life. 


The Songmaker Tool was one that sparked the Pre-Conference development team as a form of math representation. We toyed with many ideas of how to use it and ultimately time was our barrier! SongMaker is a part of Chrome Music Lab. The entire Music lab is a phenomenal tool to explore the many pieces of music!

One piece of our planning involved trying to represent a set of fraction parameters within a song. Something similar to what this teacher did with a different tool.

Could you use this tool or lesson with your students?