HELP with accessing free Math symbols/diagrams/charts for a Worksheet!

Hi M &N:

Looking for help for a tech dinosaur (me)!

I am trying  to create a practice worksheet for my math students, and thought I should try to get into the 21st C (20 years later) and create one with my laptop...(started with copy toner being spilled on my pants while using the  mimeograph machine, now due to Covid -19 and stay at home teaching, I can do Google Hangouts, Meet, Jamboard, etc..I am trying!) 

I want to  use my typed up questions and cut/paste/dragged in math symbols/charts/ graphs/functions , etc, BUT I don't know where to easily access those on a math Web site?

When I tried using MS Word, I can see they have two Insert options (Equation and Symbol) both of which showed  me very few options I want to use.

I am now thinking Google Docs (which I have very little experience  working in) might be better..I am going to hack away in there next!

If so, I want a Math site I can search and grab examples of graphs, functions etc I can work with easily and copy in.

To save time, I thought some of you out there could direct me to a site/technique, etc.

Please keep any replies "Tech simple."


ANY help in this area would be greatly appreciated!




Peter Alexander

( I won't tell you from what State, as I don't want you to think poorly of my region)!


I have used MS Word, but like you - you have to click on "insert Equation" then using the drop down menu, you can access quite a few more math symbols.  

Picture of Word Message

This is also a product called MathType, that I have used in the past.  What is everyone else using?

Brooke   This software is free for teachers.   It is pretty user friendly tho' as a tech-immersed person I don't make promises ;)   These folks have been making accessibility software since the 1980's.  Doing math on computers ... used to be a complete nightmware ;)   I believe you can say the equation and it will write it out. 


It is free for teachers.   For students to use it, it costs money.   
That way I can use it to make things for my students. is another interface that includes mathy symbols for interaction.   

Hi Peter,

I used Google Docs to create math worksheets. Here's an example of what the equations look like:

Equations in Google Docs

You can insert equations from the Insert menu.

Insert equation

You will get a drop down menu of different symbols, including a fraction bar.

Insert fractions

Here's an explanation:

I hope this is helpful. Good luck!