I'm doing a poster session

Instead of just fuming about the recent crunch to just get rid of remedial math because it's a "bridge to nowhere,"  because hey, doing something different might work for "as many as half" of students with low math placements (and we can guess which ones -- the ones who almost made it)... I put together a poster session for our upcoming Ilinois "Faculty Summer Institute" where a few hundred postsecondary ed folks get together and talk tech and learning.   I've got the poster images on my blog (I'm thinking huge file so not sticking it here).   https://resourceroomblog.wordpress.com/2023/05/03/do-what/



    And  looks like somebody else has scratched around the topic, too.   https://hechingerreport.org/proof-points-inside-the-perplexing-study-thats-inspired-college-to-drop-remedial-math/ -- this focuses on the one actually successful program, but recognizes that it still isn't reaching the significant majority of students getting to college w/ inadequate math skills. So I'll be bringing that to the session since the poster is going to be on fabric and it's already done...