Math excitement here :)

I've just accepted a job offer with Illustrative Math as a Students with Disabilities Supports Writer for High School Curriculum  ... and Illustrative math is an Open Educational Resource so yes, I can share :)   (I included their middle school exponents lessons in my Adult Ed OER project with Power In Numbers here: )   

     I'm ... well, I'll believe it when the paperwork goes through :) ... but I'm really excited about helping make math more accessible to more students with this conceptual, "problem-based" curriculum.   And it's open :) :) 



I'm really excited about working w/ other folks to get good stuff out ... and it'll be open so I can share share share and people can adapt, revise, create :)   

This sounds wonderful --both for you, Susan, and for the field! Congrats!

Cheers, Susan Finn Miller

I love Illustrative Math!  They offer such great lessons and activities.  Best wishes to you!

I'm still in the "maybe it won't happen somehow" stage  because I the lessons and activities look so good ... and I keep hearing from teachers who are using them and liking them and that it's bringing all their learners into active cognitive engagement... and a team of folks could make it even more accessible for students who've got some extra time to build their knowledge.   

What I find interesting is the delivery.   They did a webinar on the upcoming HS program (here: )  
and posted answers to questions here: 

Now, the materials are supposed to be "CC-BY"  which is pretty close to wide open -- people can reuse, revise, etc.   as long as they give credit.   SOmeone asked if it's free and ... "You can access some of the teacher materials on the IM demo site (assessments and practice problems are missing). There are three companies that offer a certified version of the high school curriculum. One of those partners, Kendall Hunt, does does provides a free digital version of the curriculum."   I'm thinking of Eureka Math, another open Math curriculum... and that a real downfall is that if you look around... answers are online (a parent whose kid's school uses it told me she hates doing it but sometimes she gets so confused that she just does it to save her kid the stress...).   The evolution of "open" is fascinating ;)