Two new ANN Under 10 Talks from 2018 have been posted!

I wanted to let you all know that there are 2 new ANN Under 10 videos posted on the Adult Numeracy Network website!

If you are not familiar with it, ANN Under 10 is an annual event sponsored by the Adult Numeracy Network at the National COABE Conference. Each year, 4-5 ANN members volunteer to each give a 10 minute talk to share an aspect of their math teaching that is important to them. With each talk, these teachers are inviting us to try something in our classes and to engage in conversation. That conversation can be face-to-face with the teachers around us or with colleagues across the country.

Here are the latest ANN Under 10 talks:

  • Meeting the Needs of Individual Students by Sarah Fearnow of Pima Community College in Arizona

We know all students don't learn at the same pace or in the same way. But our lessons often ask them to just that. In this talk, Sarah shares her thinking on creating several pathways for students to achieve their learning goals and calls on us to create more flexibility for students to learn in different ways, based on their strengths, interests, & needs.

  • Why is Reading Math Questions So Hard? by Melissa Braaten of SABES in Massachusetts

Why do strong readers who understand the math still have a hard time reading word problems? Melissa wondered if there is something in reading math questions that is different from other kinds of reading. She did some simple in-class experiments to explore that question with her students. In this talk, she shares what she did, what she learned, and what we can do with our own students.

All ANN Under 10 talks (including the two latest!) can be viewed at

Here's a list of the talks available to view:

2018 ANN Under 10 Phoenix, AZ

  • I Guess I Don’t Know as Much As I Thought I Did by Donna Curry (MA)
  • Mindful Meditation in Math by Jeniah Jones (FL)
  • Meeting the Needs of Individual Students by Sarah Fearnow (AZ)
  • Why is Reading Math Questions So Hard? By Melissa Braaten (MA)

2017 ANN Under 10 Orlando, FL

  • Take the Pressure Off to Take the Pressure Off by Lindsey Cermak (MN)
  • Formative Assessment and What Comes Next by Cynthia Bell (NY)
  • What Counts? The Tyranny of HSE Testing by Charlie Brover and Solange Farina (NY)
  • Crowdsourcing Curriculum by Eric Appleton (NY)

yours in productive struggle,