Want to help me solve a math problem?

Hello all,

I have been working on the problem found on page 4: https://www.youcubed.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/Algebra-Investigation-Menu-Final.pdf 

Would the group like to work through this in different ways with me?  It has been 5 years.

Thank you,



    Now, I limited the time I spent there because I'm also figuring out how to make a moodle course.   If anybody wants to see my Introduction and One Whole Video and a Quiz let me know :P   

     First I thought the "center" of it was 3 circles, then I realized no, it was one.  So I made a GIMP pic with each layer in different colors for easier noticing. 

    I noticed the layers for "size 5" ... had 5 in any one direction, but two of 'em overlapped.  So I wondered if some kind of n(n-2) would work.  

     then I noticed the number of circles goes up 6 each time.  

Then... it was time to stop :P   

And I unfortunately don't know how to put *back* the link to the course at resourceroom.net/class so until I figure that out you can't be a guest in it (password "math" -- guests really can't do anything)... we'll see!  
LOL  okay I figured out to go to "HOME" and hit "settings."  

I am mildly amazed that I'm not having as many "there's nobody to tell me where to click" issues that mean I need to find tutorials and stuff.   

Hi Brooke, 

Fun problem! Thanks for sharing. I used the Mathigon Polypad as a work space to start noodling with it. Here's my work so far: https://mathigon.org/polypad/8qn0dR4f2gt3DA. Spoiler Alert for folks who aren't ready to see it all. The part I enjoyed most about what I've done so far is making connections between the picture and a table to come up with an equation and then to go back to the picture and try to find the equation in the visual of the cable strands. 

yours in productive struggle,