Webinar: Strategies for Online Implementation - Math *NEW DATE* One more time.

Hello Math and Numeracy Community,

I would like to invite you to participate in an upcoming Webinar and Follow-up Discussion on Strategies for Online Implementation - Math.  Guest Presenters, Joey Lehrman, and Amber Delliger, will be discussing ways to support Adult Education Math Practitioners with transitioning from face-to-face math instruction to an online format.  The presenters will tour free apps that can be used in adult education and talk about strategies to engage learners.

Date: July 23

Time: 2:00 P.M. Eastern Time

Register Now: TBA

There will be a two-day follow-up discussion in the Math and Numeracy Community, July 24 - 25.  Come join us!

See you soon,

Brooke Istas


Hello all,

We had to shift this webinar 

*NEW* Date:  July 23, 2020

Time: 2 - 3 Eastern Time

We apologize for this inconvenience


Is there a new webinar registration link? I was registered and received a reminder, but it doesn't work. Says webinar not found.



I registered -- managed to get past the dead ends and broken links as is standard operating procedure for LINCS -- guess it's one way to keep trolls out... and I didn't get a reminder or anythign so that must have also been a dead end.   Now I'm glad I didn't make sure to get back in time from lunch. 

GoBoard is a cool free app by the way, for 1:1 at least.   I hvaen't used it yet but it has equation writing options for shared whiteboard. www.goboard.com I think ;) 

I apologize that we have had to make another date change for this webinar.

Date:  July 23

Time: 2 pm ET

When the link to get registered goes live, I will post it. here.