Coffee Break: Every Day Math and School Math (Live Event)

Live ZOOM Session

Time:  This session will take place at 3 - 4:00 PM ET

Join the LINCS Math and Numeracy group for our Coffee Break informal meet-up to discuss everyday mathematics and school mathematics. We will continue to unpack how understanding our learners and developing community will aid in developing their mathematical proficiency.  Join the conversation as we discuss the importance of context!

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.... just getting back from VACATION .  

Checking e-mail, my proposed session at the UDLHE (Universal Design for Learning in Higher Education) about "how to make math visual so you can connect concepts" was accepted!    (So was our group one about using speech-to-text in academic writing, but that's not math).   


Welcome back from vacation and congratulations on your session being accepted!  We had about 8 people join us to talk about everyday math and school math.  We talked about how many adults do not believe they do math on a regular basis, and they never do algebra.  We discussed how important that connect is for adults to learn and understand.