Invitation to Fame and Community

According to the pie chart on our home page, 23% of our members are instructors, followed closely by administrators (11) and professional developers (11.5%). Most of you have not completed your profile or, if you have, have not let us know you better with added information and even a photo. Let's start changing that pie image.

You probably had every intention of sharing more with others here, but just have not gotten around to it! Now is the time. Go to and just follow a few simple steps. In five minutes, you'll help us get to know you better. You'll also help us know about the role you play, your interests, and more so that we can start buzzing around those more. I can't really promise you fame, but I can promise you a community!

Please take five minutes today, and complete your profile. When you do, please drop me a note at the email below so that I can share the information with the rest of our expanding and deepening community! Thanks in advance!

Leecy Wise, Moderator
Reading and Writing CoP