Kentucky U Lesson Bank Event Reminder

This is a reminder inviting you to participate in our “Meet the Kentucky Adult Education Skills U Lesson Bank”," stating tomorrow. You may review the details of that announcement among our LINCS Community Notices.

This is a three-day (July 9-11), exciting, asynchronous discussion, during which you will be invited to dialogue with three guest “speakers” from KYAE Skills U, who will be responding to your questions and suggestions. You will also be invited to interact with lesson plans and discuss rubric development as a means to assess learner performance. You will find an agenda posted each day with instructions, resources, and questions for our guests to address with us each day. Please invite others to join us in what promises to be a robust and very useful discussion.

I hope that you will be inspired to continue to participate in this and other Reading and Writing discussions following this event, which will remain open indefinitely for further dialogue.

For those of you who might fear having your email list become jammed with entries from our LINCS Communities of Practice, there is a great solution. You are invited to go to the group’s home page that lists all recent activity. In the left column, you’ll see a box that says, “MY MAIL SUBSCRIPTION TO THIS GROUP.” (See image below.) Select the 24-Hour Digest. That’s my preference. Then, once every 24 hours, you will receive only one email, listing a few lines of new entries posted in the groups that you include in the digest option. I run through those very quickly every day and only click to go online to read the whole messages for those I select.

I look forward to hearing more from each of you, starting tomorrow in  Meet the Kentucky Adult Education Skills U Lesson Bankdiscussion! Leecy