Learning Stewards Project


Colleagues:  David Boulton, Director of the Children of the Code project and web site, has posted numerous interviews about literacy with educators, researchers, philosophers, linguists, and developers of literacy programs, including interviews with those concerned with adult literacy.

 Additionally, he has created the Learning Stewards Project and web site to promote the teaching of literacy, again including adult literacy education. On the Learning Stewards web site he has recently posted one of the three parts of my recent e-book trilogy about adult literacy education entitled  “The Struggle for Adult Literacy in America: A Trilogy of Notes on History, Research, Policy and Practice in Adult Literacy Education”. He has posted Part 2: “From Oracy to Literacy and Back Again: Investing in the Education of Adults, To Improve the Educability of Children”. 

Interestingly, Boulton has also implemented on his site a technical method whereby each word on the page may be clicked on and it will then be orally pronounced for the reader. This is a technique for helping children and adult learners learn to read better by going from literacy to oracy and back again! You can find the part of my trilogy that he has posted and try out the technology for getting pronunciation and oral language on the web site at:


To get a copy of the full free, trilogy either send me an email and ask for it and I will send it to you (see my email address below) or you can download a copy of the trilogy on the web site for the Coalition on Adult Basic Education (COABE) at: https://www.coabe.org/adult-education-history/

Tom Sticht, tgsticht@gmail.com
Retired International Consultant in Adult Education and longtime supporter of adult learners all over the world