ABSPD Vocabulary Lessons in New Locations!

Hello Colleagues,

For our emerging adult readers in grade level equivalents 4 to 9, research shows that teaching Tier 2 (high frequency words found in many texts like complex, establish, and verify) using direct instruction is an effective practice. (Please see this video that models explicit vocabulary instruction.)

One free resource that instructors have used over the years has changed locations. Formerly on the now defunct ABSPD website, a set of 38 vocabulary lessons with a knowledge rating scale, easy-to-understand definitions, examples in various contexts, and exercises including sentence completions, yes/no/why questions, and read & respond are now available here as a Google Doc and here as a Word Doc.

Quizlet Decks to accompany these lessons are also accessible. Don’t forget other free similar resources including the Adult Learning Resource Center Vocabulary Lessons, a set of 19 Tier 2 vocabulary lessons with ten words each.

  • How do you use these lessons to teach vocabulary in your classroom?

Thanks for your responses,

Steve Schmidt, Moderator

LINCS Reading and Writing Group