Do Something New During Black History Month!

Hi Everyone,

During my second-grade year, our not-at-all-diverse elementary school hired its first African-American teacher, Ms. Jones. She quickly became my favorite teacher. Instead of the familiar heroes of Black History Month, the highly creative Ms. Jones introduced us to less-familiar names like Garrett Morgan, the inventor of the red/yellow/green traffic signal. Instead of the same people this Black History month, let’s use some new ones!

What reading/writing activities are you doing with your classes during Black History month?

Thanks in advance for your contributions,

Steve Schmidt, Moderator

LINCS Reading and Writing Community


Hi Steve, 

Great resources, thank you for sharing. 

I like to work with the text sets that CommonLit curates. For Black History Month, they have put together this robust collection: Black Authors Text Set: 40+ literary texts written by Black authors, Black Heritage Text Set: 40+ texts about historical and cultural figures, Black History Text Set: 50+ texts about key movements and moments in Black history.