ESL Pro: What a Resource!

I attended a two-hour Web conference yesterday that walked several of us through the amazing publication just published for you on LINCS. The resource is primarily designed for training and professional development, but it includes many materials for students in the process. The content is varied, focused, and engaging. Although directed at ELLs, many of the materials can be used in ABE and other instruction among adults as well. I hope you'll take time to review the content and then drop in here to share your views on how you might use the publication in your program. You will find ESL Pro published and free to you at

Following is David Rosen's post (Technology and Learning CoP), pasted here with his permission.


Technology and Learning ESOL/ESL Colleagues,

Susan Finn Miller, the Moderator of the Adult English Language Learning CoP, wrote to members of her group:

“You may have been hearing about the exciting new ESL Pro professional development resources provided through LINCS. These materials are now available at one convenient landing page on LINCS. You will find three suites of resources:

•   Meeting the Needs of Today's English Language Learner

•   Integrating Digital Literacy into English Language Instruction

•   Preparing English Learners for Work and Career Pathways

Each topic includes a self-paced online course, an issue brief and a companion learning resource, which is chock full of practical teaching ideas for adult ESL teachers.”

I participated in an introduction to these materials yesterday; they are terrific. As Susan mentioned, there are three kinds of professional development and lesson planning resources for ESL/ESOL teachers, administrators, professional development specialists, policy makers or researchers: 1) Issue Briefs, 2) Professional Development Modules, and 3) a highly interactive digital magazine called Companion Learning Resources.

Members of the Technology and Learning CoP who are involved with English language teaching may be especially interested in Integrating Digital Literacy into English Language Instruction . If there is enough interest, I would like to create a small group of people to review the Integrating Digital Resources materials together. We would choose and asynchronously discuss one resource each week for three weeks: 1) The Issue Brief, 2) The Professional Development Modules, and 3) Companion Learning Resource for the Integrating Digital Literacy component. The idea is to get thoroughly familiar and comfortable with these and to discuss ways that we might use them.

Please let me know before the end of Monday, September 19th, by replying to this post or by emailing me if you would be interested in joining this group. Thanks. I'll let you know next Tuesday if there is sufficient interest to offer this opportunity and, if so, we will explore ways to do this.

Leecy WIse (Moderator, Reading and Writing CoP)