Free Books from ProLiteracy!

ProLiteracy, the non-profit adult education advocacy organization, gives away free books every spring and now is the time they are doing it!  

ProLiteracy's National Book Fund is now accepting grant applications through March 15, 2020.  According to their website, "The National Book Fund provides adult literacy and basic education programs with educational materials to help teach adults to read.  Before ProLiteracy established the National Book Fund (NBF), literacy programs that couldn't afford to buy books for students and instructors simply did without them. Students shared worn-out books with other students. Instructors used cast-off books, outdated resources, and photocopies during lessons. But today, with the help of NBF, we're changing all that."

Visit the National Book Fund's website at ProLiteracy for the grant application.  Approximately 65% of grant requests are funded, an exceptionally high rate for grants!