Happy Family Literacy Month!

Hi Everyone,

November marks family literacy month. I am a firm believer that families who read together, succeed together. Even before my kids were born, we got into the habit of reading together as a family. We still carry on this tradition each evening when everyone is home. We just finished the book Across Borders Lives Changed written by a family friend.

Back in September, our group held a lively discussion with Emily Wolfe from Penn State University on Supporting Family Learning and Literacy. Many excellent resources were shared in the discussion. 

How can we celebrate National Family Literacy Month beyond reading with our families?

  • Make a Library Run – Libraries offer so much more than books. We just found out that our library also checks out board games and puzzles. The King of Tokyo game has quickly become a family favorite!
  • Donate Books – In the first year we moved to our new home, I bought five bookcases. To avoid buying a sixth, we spent part of last weekend putting together some bags of books to donate.
  • Support Your Local Bookstore – We have a small independent bookstore in town that we love and try to buy at least one or two things every time we go. (That may explain all the bookcases mentioned above!)

How has family literacy impacted you?

What are your favorite resources for family literacy?

Thanks for being part of our community,

Steve Schmidt, Moderator

LINCS Reading and Writing Group