How Have You Used Collaborative Writing?

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This post presents another recap of the recent Help Adult Literacy Students Increase Their Writing Fluency event! Dr. Mary Ann Corley described how to use collaborative writing to increase students' writing fluency. She suggested forming groups of 5 students, and then:

“Write a sentence on a piece of paper and pass it to one student in each group. That student reads what’s written and adds a sentence—one that follows logically from the first sentence. The student then passes the paper along to the next student in the group, who adds a new sentence. Continue this until the paper gets back to the originator. Caution groups not to discuss the sentences until the last person writes.

“Ask one student in each group to read the collaborative paragraph aloud so that the whole class can see and enjoy the differences among the various groups’ creations! Alternative ways to use collaborative writing include students helping one another develop ideas and ways to express those ideas.”

  • How have you used collaborative writing techniques?

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Hi Everyone,

We had a great discussion last year about collaborative writing. To whet your appetite for that discussion, one of the key points was:

"The research from Writing Next (Graham and Perin, 2007) identifies collaborative writing as one of the most effective methods for helping students learn to write well. (It yielded an effect size of .75, indicating that collaborative writing has a highly significant effect on student learning)" (Corley, 2020).

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