Ideas for Teaching Sight Words to English Learners

Hi Everyone,

I posted this request for help on the Teaching and Learning CoP last week but for some odd reason never posted it here (the perils of trying to multi-task anyone?).  Several great suggestions were made on the Teaching and Learning CoP since then.  Here is the request:

I recently received a question from an ESL teacher who asked:

"I’d like to get some ideas of how I can help students with sight words.  I can only make sight-word activities a minor part of a daily lesson since I have so much else to cover in my reading and writing class.  So I’m looking for add-on daily activities and then a way to incorporate it into the readings we do in our textbook.  The level is Upper Beginning ESL—they typically have a CASAS Reading score of around 200-216 with tests 083 and 084."

Any ideas that can help this instructor?


Steve Schmidt

Moderator, LINCS Reading and Writing CoP