Identifying Best Practices to teach Reading Comprehension

To all:

I wanted to try to identify the best practices on teaching reading comprehension.  How are you teaching reading comprehension? What curricula are you using?  

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your time and consideration in this matter.


Dr. Perry


Great question on this critical reading skills. It's not enough to just decode!

We have great reading teachers in this group. I know you'll have many responses! In addition to curricula, I invite everyone to consider basic strategies along with suggested resources to help our adult learners improve comprehension, without which, reading become meaningless, doesn't it? Thanks! Leecy


I'm watching my students take a standardized reading test as I write this ("good old TABE 10).

I use a variety of materials, old and new, published especially for Adult Ed -- a lot of Contemporary materials,


In my ABE class (GE 3-6) we begin with students reading aloud and discussing comprehension questions together. (Anyone who doesn't want to read aloud can pass, but most choose to read most of the time.)

then they do a similar exercise in class  on their own which we discuss right away. Then there's homework. When a skill of level is mastered, I do timed practice to help get them ready for the tests. 

I always time reading AND answering, never just reading rate.


Any good ideas for internet resources, free or not, for this level? Some are ELL, bu not alll