May 2019 Reading and Writing Community Summary

Spring has come to nurture emerging seeds in outstanding discussions in our R&W CoP! I know that those will continue to invite your views and other contributions in weeks or months to come! Thank you, each of you, for offering us such a feast of ideas that many of you are already applying in your practices! Let the discussions continue and expand in promising directions!

Popular Evolving Discussions

  • Journal Article: Using paper scrolls to teach reading and writing in higher education classrooms: Dave’s invitation to several communities has us consider paper scrolls for reading and writing instruction continues to intrigue many of us. We need and want instructional innovation, and paper scrolling promises to give us just that. (To date, we’ve had thirteen comments shared and 331 Views in this thread!) 
  • Introduction – Ellen’s introduction post in several of our communities introduced us to the NYSED/CUNY CareerKit Project, which includes  11 volumes - one cross-sector, and ten sector-based in Healthcare, Technology, Community & Social Services, Education & Childcare, Manufacturing, Food Production, Transportation & Warehousing, Retail, Construction, Hospitality, Recreation & the Arts. Other resources and ideas continue to populate this useful thread with more to come, I’m sure! (To date, we’ve had eight comments and 317 Views in this thread!)
  • Reliance on the Internet Detrimental? – This thread has invited several engaging reflections among members from the R&W and IT CoPs relating to the Student Opinion: Are young people too reliant on the Internet? article by Julienne Vicente, adapted by Newsela staff, 05/19/2019. (Six comments and 156 Views and growing!) 
  • Information Literacy Resources – Also shared among different communities, Jeff, CrowdEd, invited us to review free resources that provide opportunities for developing information + media literacy skills in a variety of ways—from bite-sized introductions of concepts to full-scale game simulations! (4 Comments and 238 Views to date!)
  • Does anyone use the Diagnostic Assessment of Reading (DAR)? In our most popular May discussion, Ann asked for input on DAR (Diagnostic Assessment of Reading). She both received and shared very useful information on the assessment and other related input! Let the dialogue continue! (11 Comments and 356 Views to date!)

What do you think of additional May topics in development, starting with the most recently posted for your enjoyment, consideration, sharing, and application?

I consider the list irresistible! How about you? Let's keep asking, responding, laughing and sharing together. Leecy