May Event Summary: Digital Storytelling

Hi Everyone,

Laura Porfirio conducted a webinar on digital storytelling for our community’s May event. Here are some highlights in case you missed it.

"Stories are the shortest distance between two people," but what is digital storytelling? Digital stories are brief (no more than 350 words) personal stories created using multimedia and honed through a community editing process. They build connections among students in addition to being project- based, contextualized learning vehicles that are relevant to student’s lives and build digital literacy skills.  Indeed, Laura said, “Students get so caught up in digital storytelling that they forget they don’t know how to use the computer!"

During the event, Laura showed several examples which can be found here and here. While digital storytelling may sound complicated, it is not. Advances in technology have made the process much simpler. 

Digital storytelling hones writing skills. Students practice creating a strong opening line, relating an anecdote, discussing why it matters, and finishing with a strong closing line. More specific detail on creating digital stories can be found in Laura’s handout here.

How have you used digital storytelling with your students?

What questions do you have about digital storytelling?

Thanks for your thoughts,

Steve Schmidt, Moderator

LINCS Reading and Writing Group