November is National Family Literacy Month

Hi Everyone,

As we celebrate National Family Literacy Month, we can reflect on the power of families reading together. Research shows reading aloud with parents best prepares kids to read on their own. My wife and I began reading to our kids before they were born, and they both learned to read at four years old.  Our kids are now teenagers, and we still read books together as a family every night.

My friend and colleague, Parmilla Edwards, has worked in family literacy for years serving the people of Greene County, North Carolina.  When asked about what family literacy means to her, she said, “I love working with families learning together. The more parents, children, and families read, the more things we learn, places we go, and things we know and do.  Family Literacy is the stepping stone for a better future for you, me, and our society.”

I recently came across an intriguing free website DayByDayNY  For each day of the month, it contains fun literacy activities families can do together.  Other site resources include One More Story and Tumblebooks.  One More Story presents two kids’ books that are read aloud.  Families can follow along with the narrator as each word read is highlighted in the text.  Tumblebooks animates children’s books creating a talking picture book.  The site is also available in Spanish. 

How has reading with your family made a difference in your life?

What resources do you use to help families learn together in your program?


Thanks in advance for your contributions,

Steve Schmidt, Moderator

LINCS Reading and Writing Community