One, One, and One: Please Contribute Your Thoughts!

Hi Everyone,

During our recent coffee break conversation, the discussion moved toward immediate responses to remote teaching back in March. Several instructors mentioned how they inundated their students with technology tools. Students struggled to learn all these new platforms at once.

Participants agreed that this was unfair to our students, and we should instead practice the KISS principle: Keep It Surprisingly Simple. Instead of bombarding students with several new tech tools at the same time, we should focus on teaching no more than one new piece of technology at a time. For example, we cold use one technology platform to give assignments (Google Classroom or Wakelet), one for teaching (Zoom), and one for homework (ReadWorks).

As we gear up for the Fall Semester, what teaching and learning platforms are you using with your students?

How are you putting into practice the one, one, and one?

What questions do you have?


Thanks in advance for your thoughts,

Steve Schmidt

Moderator, LINCS Reading and Writing CoP